About Illuminate Landscape Lighting

Colton Furlong - Owner Of Illuminate Landscape LightingI started Illuminate Landscape Lighting with one vision in mind: To make lives better. Not only my own life, but the life of my future employees, and of course the lives of my future clients.

Born to a mother who worked as a NICU nurse and a Father who owned his own residential painting business, I am no stranger to hard work. Throughout my childhood, I was constantly exposed to the construction industry and would often help my father out on jobsites puttying baseboards and masking doors.

As I grew older, I served an LDS mission, married the love of my life, and got a job for a local construction company. I worked that construction job for 5 years, and towards the end of my time at that company, I realized something; The majority of companies in the construction industry are doing it wrong!

They don’t prioritize PEOPLE. Whether it be Money, Status, or even themselves, they aren’t focusing on what a great business focuses on.

They aren’t there for their clients OR their employees when they need to. That is when I decided to start my own company that would rise above all the other companies in our field, by putting the client and our employees first.

Our vision is our people. We hire the best people so we can give you the best experience in the industry. Our goal is to provide immaculate Landscape Lighting systems that truly make your property come to life by going above and beyond your expectations.

The vehicle by which we do that is through our top-of-the-line lighting products and our incredible customer service. We promise our clients that as they work with us, not only will they fall in love with their property again, they will fall in love with who we are and what we stand for as a company.

We love our clients and our employees and are grateful that they have made all of this possible.